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Asset Protection and Elder Care Planning

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P.A. Consulting Services, LLC provides professional assistance for families whose assets or income exceed the guidelines for long-term care Medicaid or VA benefits.

If you are without a sufficient long-term care policy, the cost of receiving long-term care services can quickly deplete families of their assets.

You can avoid this eventuality with proper guidance and planning. P.A. Consulting Services have been sucessfully assisting families with managing the cost of receiving long-term care, without losing their Estate.

Realizing Your Dreams

Most people have paid taxes and have been responsible. Their goal is to leave a nest-egg for their loved ones, instead of becoming impoverished in their final years; due to the high cost of long-term care. The good news: P.A.C.S has all the facts to protect your hard earned assets. We can help you to realize your dreams.

During your free consultation meeting, P.A.C.S. will determine your goals and develop a plan of action to help you begin protecting your assets in preparation for a successful Medicaid application; or other assistance programs.

Disclaimer: Public Assistance Consulting Services, LLC (P.A.C.S.) is not a government or state entity. Neither is it related to or connected to any government or state agency.

Protecting Your Funds

Protect Your Funds To qualify for Medicaid, the rules are specific. P.A.C.S. has the knowledge of the tools required to protect your assets. These tools may include proper investment in "protected assets," certain trusts and annuities. P.A.C.S. will recommend only the best products or tools for each client's situation and goals.

Securing Your Future

Whether you are pre-planning for Medicaid (5yrs or more), Imminent planning (will require service in the near future) or Crisis Planning (already spending down), P.A.C.S. can protect your assets. We don't just submit your application for assistance; we aim to improve your situation. With our resource team of attorneys and tax planners, we can prepare you for a more secured future.

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